Social Media Offers a Boost to Towing Companies

Social media and the towing business are not two industries that you would commonly expect to associate. But many towing companies, especially in smaller cities in the United States and Canada, have found a great advantage to using social media. Not only is it a great way to keep loyal customers informed, but it is also a way to promote the service and showcase reliability. Here are some ways that social media helps small towing businesses like

Brand Recognition

When a towing company first opens, whether it is in a big city or a small town, they are competing against established businesses. It is a serious challenge to get a market share, because those businesses are already recognized. Social media is one way to level the playing field. If a new company can establish a solid base of social media followers, they can start to grow the brand through their online presence.

The fact is that more people are using the internet and social media to find services in the area. While some may still turn to the yellow pages, it is becoming less common. Finding out that a towing company in your area is on social media and actively posting is very good. It shows the company cares about technology and progressing with the times. It also shows they are active and care about their customers.

Positive Interactions and Impressions

Another advantage to being on social media is the positive impression that it can create with prospective customers. When someone sees that your business is on social media, they might check out your posts to see what it is all about. They will notice that you are doing a great job of tweeting about any news that is relevant to the business, along with general towing information.

It is also great because you can use social media to show off the great job that you did for a customer. For instance, someone calls you and requests a tow. You get their car to a dealership and drop them off at home. When you are finalizing the payment, you can always ask the customer to leave you a shout out through Facebook or Twitter. Some may not accept, but others will be happy to do so – provided you left a positive impression with your service.

And when they leave you a small review on social media, you can retweet it or share it on your Facebook page. It will show others that are on the fence about your business that you are the real deal. And they will save your number for the next time they need to call for a tow.

Cheaper Advertising

It costs a lot of money to advertise through traditional routes. While campaigns such as having direct mail put in mailboxes is cheaper, other options are more expensive. For instance, taking out a newspaper or radio ad costs a lot of money. Even a small billboard in a town will set you back a great deal. Advertising online is a lot cheaper, while it has arguably more reach.

Not every business has a huge marketing fund, especially during the first few years. If you are establishing a new towing business, you will be wary of overspending during that initial spell. You will want to ensure that you are taking care to minimize expenses. Leveraging social media and your website lets you reach a wide audience without overspending.

There is a reason why so many smaller towing companies are on social media. It helps them get new business and keep existing customers!